2715 Classic 500m Jumbo Toilet Roll

2715 Classic 500m Jumbo Toilet Roll

  • 1ply, 500m Roll
  • Jumbo Toilet Roll
  • 100% Recycled Paper


2715 is a 1ply continuous 500m recycled jumbo toilet roll made from 100% recycled materials.

Our paper products are designed to provide users with softness and supreme quality regardless if you are buying Recycled Paper or Virgin Paper.

Despite what you may think or popular myth, Stella’s recycled paper products are not made from used loo paper.

But actually, made from post-consumer recycled content. Such as:

  • Office Paper
  • Newspapers
  • Cardboard Cartons

Recycled paper is known to be better for the environment, consider the timber, water and energy used to make virgin paper.

Just be mindful that recycled paper is designed to break down easier and faster than regular virgin paper.

If you are looking to supply somewhere that has ample water such as a swim school or even an aquatic centre. This paper may not be the best option for you.

2715 rolls are individually sealed with a hygienic plastic wrap. Core diameter for this roll is 75mm.

Why not check out our dispenser for this product while your here. If you’re customer is looking to update their washroom without having to undergo a full renovation then our dispenser could be the answer. Our dispenser will leave the updated washrooms feeling and looking clean, maintained and stylish. They are suitable for all washrooms no matter the industry.

Additional information



Paper type

Recycled, White, Toilet Tissue, Jumbo Roll, Classic, Individually Wrapped

Length per roll


Rolls per outer

8 Individually Wrapped

Outer Size

440 L x 220 W x 360 H

Outers per layer


Layers per pallet


Outers per pallet


Outer weight


Inners size

220 Dia x 90 W

Core diameter

75 mm

Sheet size


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